I Practice Evidence Based Coaching – Live Trading & Portfolio Building – In This Crash, My Portfolio Has Grown From 47.6 Lakh to 50.1 Lakh

yvadva-portfolio-26nov16When I started trading and investing 12 years ago, I suffered losses and it was a shock for me. Since I was doing a well paid NRI job, it did not bother me much. But, I did not like my loss and started training myself. It took me years before I could find the right numbers for this combination lock to be confident and skilled enough to start on my own. I was part of the market where everybody claims to be an expert. My mentor suggested that I start doing evidence-based trading and investing.

It is very challenging to do evidence-based trading as I was vulnerable to criticism and failure. I started it anyway and started live trading and investing in front of my students in my online trading room. My logic was simple – if I cannot live trade in front of them with real money, what use are all those concepts of the stock market that I teach.

So, this is what I do. Live trade with my money and you can practice with me.

The first thing you will have to accept about the stock market is that it is difficult !!

Stock Market is emotional and you will need a lot of training and skill-building before you can bind your trades to a set of rules. As most of us have a strong gambling streak, it is very easy to flow that way in this market. You have to remain rational by training yourself- no matter what.

Two recent examples of this – my live trading on the surgical strike day and the day the currency ban happened. Both days were very emotional and the market was behaving irrationally. The trick was to find where over-extension of fear and greed happened. We could do that with technical analysis and as a result, on a capital of 5 lakh, made 59,000 profit on surgical strike day and 1,12,00 on the note bank day. To encourage others, I have put my live trading videos on youtube whose links are below:



The challenge for most people is portfolio building which is your long-term need for achieving financial freedom. In this, most people are dependent on others. I encourage people to do it on their own without giving money to anybody. With a combination of fundamental and technical analysis, you can learn to stock-pick undervalued companies in the buy zone and sell them when they reach the sell zone. We (me and my students) sold all our stock portfolio on 9sep16 when stock market was at top. Check my facebook page !!


We started rebuilding our portfolio on 10Nov16 – the day when nifty was down 500 points and there was panic all around. The same companies were now available 20-40% cheaper. Today, in just 15 days my 47.1 lakh portfolio has already grown to 50.1 lakh. Buy and hold is not the way, I teach active portfolio building. What if the market crashes down on Monday – the full portfolio is hedged with options.

Do not depend on others and do not gamble. There is a science behind trading and investing – learn it. I would be happy to teach you. If I can teach 10 lakh people in my lifetime – for me it is a life lived well. Thanks for reading.

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