Live Trading By Yogeshwar Vashishtha on currency ban day 9Sep16 – Rs 1,12,000 profit

The day the government banned the 500 and 1000 Rs notes, the market open down by more than 6%. There was panic all around and everybody was afraid. I have been taught that the best way to earn profit is to buy peoples fear and sell peoples greed. Click the link below to watch my live trading in which I made 40,000 Rs in first one hour and 1,12,000 Rs in the whole day.

This is a recording of live trading by Yogeshwar Vashishtha on the day the govt banned 500 and 1000 Rs notes and Donald Trump was elected the president of USA. The market crashed at the start and by looking at charts Mr. Vashishtha, along with his students in his online trading room, went long on equity and shorted bullion. In the first one hour itself the booked profit was 40,000 and by the end of the day 1,12,000 profit was booked.

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