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Parabolic Stop and Reverse indicator more commonly known as PSAR was developed by Welles Wilder and introduced in 1978.

It comprises of three main components:

  1. The previous SAR value
  2. Extreme point, which is the highest point of the current trend
  3. Acceleration factor, which is 0.02 and increases by 0.02 each time the extreme point moves to a new high in an uptrend or a new low in a downtrend.

When the price is rising in an uptrend, the PSAR appears below the price and it trails the price in time and when the price is in a downtrend, the PSAR appears above the price and it trails the price in time.

PSAR indicator is a trending indicator and can be used effectively in any time frame to identify a change in trend. It is also used by many to trail a stop loss.

PSAR is a very popular indicator and is used by many traders to successfully execute trades.

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Market correction or market pullback, are some of the most common terms one comes across when dealing with capital markets. When a bullish uptrend suddenly stalls and the price starts coming down it is termed as a correction. Similarly when a bearish downtrend suddenly stalls and the price starts moving upwards it is termed as a pullback.

Many experts have tried to understand and analyse this phenomenon in great detail. Charles Dow classified this correction or pullback into degrees viz. minor, intermediate and primary. According to Dow, if a correction lasts for less than three weeks it may be termed as a minor correction. If it lasts for a few months it becomes an intermediate correction and if it lasts for more than nine months it must be looked at as a major correction of the market. Ralph Elliot on the other hand has divided the entire market correction process into various degrees sorted by timeframe categories ranging from intraday to many decades. According to him, a correction may be subminuette and last intraday or could be minuette and last a few days or be minute and last a few weeks. Similarly a correction that lasts for years would be a cycle, a decade would be termed as a super cycle and if it lasts for many decades it would be termed as a super cycle.

As has been elucidated from the above, a market could be in a continuous correction mode without an investor even noticing it or the correction could be sharp and cause utter chaos.

Understanding the degrees and levels of this correction or pullback thus becomes extremely critical in analysing the market as it can give one a deep insight into the levels of the probable turning points of the markets.

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Hi, to arrive on an answer, let’s begin with a few questions:

  1. Are you looking for a mentor who makes you independent decision taker in the stock market?
  2. Are you looking for a mentor who guides you even after your course ends?
  3. Are you looking for a mentor who does what he preaches?
  4. Are you looking for a mentor who is hell bent on making you learn the concepts to become a profitable trader and chases you till you become one?
  5. Are you looking for a mentor who has the guts to trade live right in front of hundereds of traders so that all these traders can learn from him?

If your answers are Yes to all the above questions, then you search for mentor has brought you to the correct person – Mr Yogeshwar Vashishtha and team.

What this class is NOT:

  • This is NOT a tipping service– you will not get any “tips” to put in your money on some random trades (Tip service prevent you from becoming independent decision taker and this course is all about making you independent)

Is it worth taking this course?

Answer to this question can be very subjectve but let me try to put facts based on my own experience. I’m currently a trader learning under “Pathfinders” guidance. Here are the facts:

  • The course is designed in a fashion that a novice person, after going through the course, becomes –
    • very well aware of the market terminologies
    • knowledgable enough to start technically AND fundamentally analyze the market
  • Course includes “Live” trading with Mr Yogeshwar Vashishtha (an extremely professional AND profitable trader) where you learn how plethora of things, the biggest one being “how a professional trader thinks”
  • Biggest challenge in this market is to get a system that can win you good trades. And Mr Vashishtha “continuously” keeps on researching to bring forth excellent systems. It is this research of him which is worth gold and students get that in this course!!
  • Students are guided throughout to make them psycologically strong which is THE utmost requirement in this market
  • Students get ShareKhan account opened. I have found Trade Tiger (SK trading platform) to be far more professional and efficient thatn other platform

Separate trading Room:

I saw in one of the answers below, some criticism about trading rooms. Here are the facts:

  • This trading room comprises of people who have gone through above course and have a good understanding of the market so as to do serious live trading
  • In this room, Mr Yogeshwar Vashishta “daily” trade live with the traders
  • It’s an interactive online webinar, where you tend to exchange thoughts and ideas while building up your concepts
  • Mr Vashishtha specifically asks all of us NOT to follow him blindly. He only recommend trades based on strong technical analysis done right in front of us. AND before recommending any trade, he takes that trade himself!!

A word about the team:

  • Pathfinders backoffice team has always replied to my queries
  • I called them at different hours for various queries and I alway received prompt and succinct replies
  • Couple of times my phone was not answered due to their busy schedules, BUT I got a callback within 5 minutes
  • The team has been completely professional and responsible

With Mr Vashishtha, we are continuously working on researching the markets to formulate methodologies that can help us take better decisions to enter and exit markets while preventing our capital (which ultimatley leads to earning/profits) in this market. Mr Vashishtha always teaches us “Loss in this market is inevitable. It’s the size of your loss and profit that makes difference. The size of profits should be large and that of loss should be small so that at the end of the day, you are profitable!!”

So, my view – Go ahead and get yourself educated (and trained) to be a learned trader with this course. You can get all the material on internet for sure, but it’s not only the material that matters, it’s the mentorship that matters. Good teacher make use of this materia as a tool to steer students in the correct direction making them independent in this world.

I saw a reply below by someone criticizing Mr Vashishtha and team to the extent of personal allegations!! A kind request to that person – please shed your veil of “anonymity” first. And are you seriously raising doubt on this course just because of the nomenclature of studies (Siddhant express, Vedanta express..)? Sir/mam, please enlarge your view to see “behind” the names. The researched technique is what should matter to you. And jokes?? you are bothered with that? Please avoid if you dont like!! And you probably need more meditation sessions which we do in the trading room!

It’s good to criticize someone if you have actual facts. What I could see below is some sort of vanity. Please remember, no one in the market can guarantee you big profits. Even biggest of the banks have a warning when you invest in their Mutual Funds!!

The last decision should of course be yours but please don’t get confused by some anonymous comments. Here is an honest feedback without anonymity. Read and decide wisely.

Psychology Of Stock Market Trading By Dharmishtha – Pathfinders Trainings 

Dharmishtha talks in detail about the psychology of trading and why traders and investors lose money in the stock market. She explains how consistent income can be made from this market.

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