BEST TRADES OF THE WEEK (JULY 27, 2020 – JULY 31, 2020)

July 27, 2020Profit of Rs. 179,251
July 28, 2020Profit of Rs. 49,838
July 29, 2020Profit of Rs. 157,504
July 30, 2020Profit of Rs. 61,836
July 31, 2020Profit of Rs. 96,065

Nifty snapped its six-week winning streak, falling over a percent in the week gone by. However, for the entire month of July, the benchmark index jumped 7.49 percent even as concerns over rising coronavirus cases, souring US-China relations and deteriorating In this rally, one of our traders made a profit of Rs. 179,251 on July 27, 2020 highest of all other days in a week. 

All these profits were made under the guidance of Mr. Yogeshwar sir who taught us how to trade and manage risk properly. If you can manage your risk and identify the right entry and exit points, you can end your week in profits.

When the market is near its crucial support or resistance levels, there are high chances of stop-loss getting hit. A smart trader waits for the right entry when a confirmed trend is formed. If you take the right entry at the right time on such crucial levels, there is a high chance of making good profits. One has to understand the risk to reward ratio and always try to find out high probability trades. Such opportunities do not come every day and when it comes, we have to be prepared for the outcome. Give a chance to yourself at least once in a month and see the difference in risk to reward ratio.

If you are a safe trader, better is to watch the market, and not take any position. Not taking any position and saving money is also a position in the market which helps to keep you in the market for a longer period.

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