In today’s world, the share market is one of the most fruitful ways to get a return on your investments, in a shorter period. And hence, this field has become quite popular for earning a quick penny without waiting for the month-end. Everybody has a simple question when they are thinking to enter this lucrative business, is it possible to make five thousand bucks every day from the intraday trading.

Various factors affect the way the stock market will behave in a day. Every day is a new scenario and new challenge to be faced, be it any political or demographical or any other reason for the change. And hence daily movements in the market cannot be predicted. To overcome this uncertainty, it is better to have a monthly goal, rather than trading each day and taking a higher amount of risk.

If you want to earn five thousand bucks each day, intraday training is what you have to opt for, where you will need to buy and sell your stocks and take advantage of the change in the prices. The main advantage of this trading is that you can invest a thousand or a million, there is no huge or fixed capital required. Also, the more the risk the more the reward. There is no limit to the profit that can be earned.

A few points as below would be helpful if kept in mind if earning 5000 rupees is what you are aiming at as a reward from trading.

  • It is essential in the stock market to keep away the personal traits and think logically for accurate decision-making. Fear of uncertainty and the greed to earn a certain amount of profit can put your trade-in jeopardy. It is better to do your research on a few targeted stocks and resort to outside expert advice before deciding something.
  • Two important factors that decide the trader’s success are entry and exit points. The trader should invest once the stock reaches its fair price and sell when it reaches the target price. This method makes it easier and the fear of the unknown gets reduced gradually.
  • Stop-loss is once such an element that helps the investor to stop incurring huge losses. If the price of a stock reaches below a point, then it is sold automatically. For instance, if you put a 1% stop loss on your 100 Rs of investment, then when the price falls at 99 Rs, your shares will be automatically sold out. This would help you incurring more losses and save your invested money beyond a limit.
  • Before investing, you should target a few specific trending businesses, and follow its market movements for at least two weeks. This shall give a clear picture of how it might react in the coming days. Technical analysis should be done on the behavior of these stocks, to get an accurate idea. 

The bottom line is that if the above things are kept in mind then it would not be a far dream to earn 5000 rupees of profit each day, or even more than that can also be earned with persistence.

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