Top Biofuel Companies in India Poised for Growth

The biofuel industry is gaining momentum as the world focuses on sustainable energy sources and reducing carbon emissions. As part of its G20 presidency, India has taken a significant step by forming the Global Biofuel Alliance. With 19 countries and 12 international organizations joining this initiative, India, the USA, and Brazil lead the way in promoting the adoption of biofuels and expanding bioenergy access worldwide. Let us explore the top biofuel companies in India well-positioned to capitalize on this growing trend –

Investing in Biofuel Stocks

The biofuel industry in India is on the brink of significant growth. With government initiatives, including the ethanol blending program and the National Policy on Biofuels, Indian biofuel companies are well-positioned for success. However, challenges such as costly research and development and substantial initial setup expenses must be considered. Nevertheless, these top biofuel companies offer promising opportunities for investors as they play a vital role in India’s transition to sustainable energy sources.

1) Praj Industries

Praj Industries, established in 1985, initially started as a supplier of ethanol plants. It has become a leading company offering sustainable solutions for bioenergy, high-purity water, process equipment, breweries, and industrial wastewater treatment. Praj Industries has a dominant market share in 1G ethanol and is the sole player in the 2G ethanol sector. With the increasing demand for biofuels, the company is actively expanding its production capacities and collaborating with international partners to produce sustainable aviation fuel, ethanol, compressed biogas, biodiesel, and bio-bitumen. In 2023, it commissioned its first 2G ethanol biorefinery and commercial-scale CBG plant, signifying substantial growth potential.

2) EID Parry

EID Parry, part of the Murugappa group, is a significant player in sugar production and ethanol manufacturing in South India. The company plans to expand its ethanol production capacity, positioning itself as a prominent player in the biofuel industry. Despite significant capital investments, EID Parry has remained debt-free due to healthy cash flows. With government support and a strong presence in the sugar industry, the company is poised for growth in the biofuel sector.

3) Kotyark Industries

Kotyark Industries specializes in manufacturing biodiesel and its by-products, including glycerine. As a pure-play biodiesel entity listed on the stock exchange in India, the company has ample room for expansion without additional capital expenditure. With a focus on biodiesel and government support through initiatives like the National Policy on Biofuels, Kotyark Industries is set to play a significant role in India’s biodiesel industry.

4) Gulshan Polyols

Gulshan Polyols, initially a manufacturer of various chemicals, has ventured into ethanol production, becoming India’s leading manufacturer of ethanol/bio-fuel and speciality products. The company is expanding its ethanol production capacity significantly, aiming to reach 900 KLPD by the end of 2024. It already has contracts with major oil companies, ensuring a steady income stream. Gulshan Polyols is well-positioned for future growth with a strong presence in the ethanol market.

5) Dwarikesh Sugar

Dwarikesh Sugar, traditionally a sugar manufacturer, is strategically transitioning into a bioenergy company by heavily investing in expanding its distillery capacity. This move has resulted in remarkable growth in ethanol production. The company plans to increase its focus on producing ethanol to meet the rising demand for cleaner fuels and reduce its sugar manufacturing capacity. With a strong emphasis on ethanol, Dwarikesh Sugar is well-poised for medium-term growth.

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