NSE aims to refund charges

Trading on the NSE Equity and Derivatives segment will be slightly better economically as the National Stock Exchange has decided to roll back the 6% increase in transaction charges on equity cash and derivatives segment. NSE said in a statement that this will come into effect from 1 April 2023.

During January in the previous year, the charges were placed by 6%, to supplement the investor protection fund trust corpus from the perspective of some market emergencies due to broker defaults which had occurred during that period.

Additionally, to systematically supplement the corpus of NSE IPFT, NSE has stated that it has recalibrated the contribution to ₹10 per crore in cash equity and futures segments from ₹0.01 per crore, and to ₹50 per crore in equity options.

The reduction in transaction charges which are partially compensated by the re-computation of contribution to NSE IPFT will cause an efficient reduction in transaction charges by around 4 per cent.

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