Earning money through day trading is often thought to be easier in the beginning stages for a trader. However, there are many aspects involved in the day trading making it different from long term investments and other form of trading. Even though the trading involves transacting within a short time frame, it is not an easy or quick way to earn profits and that too consistently. On the contrary, it is a matter of patience, skills and thoughtful decisions over time that makes you successful in day trading. Here is a list of few difficulties that every trader face in making money by day trading.

  • In the field of stock trading for earning returns over your investments, day trading means keeping a watch over prospective business investments, buying stocks and commodities, waiting for a hike in their prices during the constant fluctuations and finally selling them when there is a better margin of prices. The main aim is to earn a profit occurring due to buying and selling at different prices. However, the process to earn a return in this way is quite different from what is generally perceived by everyone. The profit comes from spending time doing market research and analysing the trends. And the probability of considerable return increases from knowing more about the trade.
  • Even though there are lots of people entering the market every day to try their fortune, not everybody has got the skills or patience to earn the profit. There are many odds in the market and to earn a return through them is difficult. The trader has to go beyond the belief of the trade being easy, has to learn the ways to wrong the odds and maximise the probabilities of earning profit.
  • Many strategies need to be followed to be able to get profit. It cannot be left to chance. Day trading should be taken seriously with proper planning and research. Merely looking at the charts and taking quick decisions will not always be fruitful. Analysis should be done on the historic numbers of the commodities to be invested in. 
  • Successful training is not an overnight event. Not all beginners will be successful initially because of the lack of time spent on research and analysis. It takes a great amount of time to consistently watch over the market and keep an eye over the potential firms to be invested in.
  • Many terms and conditions affect day trading, along with many other businesses. Many things are happening every minute in the stock market which contributes towards the fluctuations. Any small change in the economy can contribute to huge differences in stock prices. To be able to mitigate the odds and face the challenges, one should be practising Stop-loss and other such trading plans.
  • Personal judgements and assumptions can come in the way of day trading success. If the trader faces beginner’s luck and earns a handful of profit, then he might deviate from his safe strategy and risk his capital. Likewise, if he overthinks and sells the stock early due to panic and hearsay, then he might lose an opportunity to earn at the maximum price of that stock.

There are many difficulties while making money through day trading, but following some strategies, practising the trade, keeping away the greed and facing the fears can establish you as a successful trader.

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