Everything in life is variable. Money comes and money goes. People come and people go. Things come and things go. Places come and places go. The only thing constant in life is time- the 24 hours you get every day. And what you do with those twenty four hours decides what happens to your life. What will be your bank account? Where will you live? Whom will you marry? All this and more is all hidden in those twenty four hours.

You can only do two things with your time-spend it or invest it.

A man comes home in the evening after a tough day at work coping with a rude boss and lot of work pressure. He is extremely tired travelling in the train and when he is about to crash on the sofa and eat his dinner, he is confronted by his 14 year old son. His son wants his help with a math test tomorrow. This man now has to make a decision. One is an easy decision and one is a difficult one. The easy decision is to tell his son to seek help from his mother so that he can carry on with his daily routine of having his dinner and watching TV. This man has spent his time. The more difficult decision and the one of growth is when the man thinks within himself that he is working so hard for his wife and children and if his son does want some of his time he should give it to him. He asks his son to wait for fifteen minutes so that he can relax and then both father and son have a great time together solving math. This man has invested his time. He has invested his time into the relationship.

You must constantly ask yourself day after day if the time being utilised by you is being spent or invested. You can invest your time in health, earning wealth, relationships or just understanding yourself.

You have invested your time today in trying to understand the stock market. But what interests you here is not the market per se. It is the money that the market promises you. Then again it is not just money that interests you but you are looking for a source of income-first or second source of income.

Let us understand the difference between money and income. A person buys ten lottery tickets with the hope of winning one and getting a lot of money. But can he plan his monthly expenses based on this money? Especially when his chances of winning the lottery are so remote? He can however plan his monthly expenses based on his salary. This is because he is sure of getting it month after month. This brings us to the point where we can now define income. Income is that money which is consistent in terms of amount and frequency. Income is that money which takes care of expenses.

The stock market promises a lot of money. However this money, until it is converted into an income is of little use.

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