December 07, 2020Profit of Rs. 112,256
December 08, 2020Profit of Rs. 53,020
December 09, 2020Profit of Rs. 41,485
December 10, 2020Profit of Rs. 47,583
December 11, 2020Profit of Rs. 57,294

The Nifty is currently trading at a one-year forward price-to-earnings multiple of ~27 times compared with its 10-year average of 17.3 times. In this week, one of our traders made a profit of Rs. 112,256 on December 07, 2020 highest of all other days in a week. 

Making a consistent profit should be the ideal approach rather than looking at the percentage of profits. Yogeshwar sir always teach one important rule of stock market which is

“Always work on reducing your risk and never allow yourself to take a big loss.”

If you want to stay in the stock market game, then you should work on making a consistent profit and reducing our risk. Risk management is the key to success here. I believe, people who don’t follow proper risk management, always find themselves in the struggle. No doubt, you would have made a big profit some days. But the real challenge is to maintain that kind of profits everyday day. If you are making Rs. One lack in a day and losing the same on other days. You are not working as a professional trader. I can assume this sort of profit-making is through gambling.

What we have learned at Pathfinders Trainings, you can see the results of that learning by looking at the profits made by professional traders. Every trade is good, even you make less profit. But working on not making big losses in the market should be our priority. If we have the capital to play in the market, our small loss can be turned into small profit and with consistency, into big profit.

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