People come into the stock market to generate some extra income but the opposite happens. Most lose capital and sometimes the loss is so big that it feels like a nightmare.  A trader who begins his journey as a trader has to face many difficulties such as know global market conditions, stock selection, right entry, and stop-loss, trailing stop loss, risk management, and psychology of trading. They always try to find a person who can help them in achieving their goals and do all the works that are required to initiate a good trade. Here, comes the importance of the online trading room.

An online trading room is primarily a place where day traders gather together and trade the financial markets. The online trading room generally allows a day trader to share a common platform with other traders. Ideas are shared and collective trades are taken to the benefit of all. Being in the midst of all market activity, a trading room is always updated with the latest news, happenings, and events thereby facilitating prompt action. Constant surveillance from overseers and nominal charges make online trading rooms a very attractive place for traders to come and make money.

Pathfinders Trainings is proud to announce a Live Trading Room for Pathfinders students where you will get a chance to live trade with Mr. Yogeshwar Vashishtha and explore the benefits of trading with an expert. Pathfinders Trainings bring this exclusive feature for all Pathfinders students who are active members of Pathfinders and also have Sharekhan account with Pathfinders Trainings. It is an attempt to encourage our traders to trade and sharpen their trading skills under our guidance and surveillance. Since your convenience is of utmost importance, our Online Live Trading Room has been designed as an online model to accommodate participants from across the globe and can be availed from the comfort of homes, offices, and work stations.

Some of the major benefits of becoming a member of the live trading room are

  1. Live trading every day (Monday-Friday) from 09:00 AM to 11:00 AM
  2. Pre-Market Index/ Sector Analysis
  3. Technical and fundamental analyses of stocks with Yogeshwar Sir during market hours to enhance your trading skills
  1. Live Portfolio Analysis every Friday
  2. Two-three long-term/short-term and swing trades every week
  3. Identify high probability intraday/ swing/ or portfolio trades with proper entry, stop loss, and target
  4. Manage Risk in running trades using proper risk Management
  5. Trading in Cash/ Futures/ Options/ Commodity/ and Forex segments
  6. Emphasis on portfolio building by developing necessary skills
  7. High probability intraday, swing, and portfolio trades via SMS
  8. Software support and training for our active traders

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