At some point, you’ll have enough money saved up where you’ll think, “Wow, I should probably invest this somehow.” When you made your mind to enter and invest in the stock market, there are various roots to enter the market. Your choices are

  1. Stocks
  2. Stock Futures
  3. Index Futures
  4. Stock Options
  5. Index Options
  6. Commodity Futures
  7. Forex Futures
  8. Forex options

Managing your risk properly decides your career path to be a profitable trader or not. Out of all these, everyone gets attracted to option trading. An Option is a product that has a limited loss and unlimited profit. In reality, it is one of the tough products to be traded.

The option is a product that needs to understand properly and if you understand properly, then there is a lot of money in options trading.

Why should you trade options?

Let us understand this using the following benefits given:

  1. Options are a three-dimensional product. You can use this in uptrend or downtrend or sideways trend.
  2. Another benefit of using the option is the greater cost efficiency. When you buy options, you are only paying a premium. therefore, it is very cheap. For example, when you want to nifty future, you need to pay 8-9 lacks. But if you want to buy the same qty in options, you require only 2 percent or 3 percent of the total amount. The benefit is, you will have the same movement with options as you will have in the futures.
  3. Another major benefit is that you can have more strategic alternatives using options. You can create strategies using options where on average you can make 5-15 percent every month with very less risk involved than other products.

Risk: Seeing the benefits of options trading, you might be thinking that now I should trade only options. Yes, it is true that if you understand it properly, you can make more money, but if it is not handled properly, then you can lose all of your capital even the stock is moving in your direction of trade.

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