August 10, 2020Profit of Rs. 207,252
August 11, 2020Profit of Rs. 113,849
August 12, 2020Profit of Rs. 52,505
August 13, 2020Profit of Rs. 59,780
August 14, 2020Profit of Rs. 133,091

Market made an intermediate top where Nifty faces resistance at 11,380 on the upside, which if broken above could lead to bullish momentum but the probability of a correction is much higher.

Even in undecessive market situations, one of our traders made a profit of Rs. 207,252 on August 10, 2020 highest of all other days in a week. 

All these profits were made under the guidance of Mr. Yogeshwar sir who taught us how to trade and manage risk properly. If you can manage your risk and identify the right entry and exit points, you can end your week in profits.

Making a consistent profit should be the ideal approach rather than looking at the percentage of profits. Yogeshwar sir always teach one important rule of stock market which is

“Always work on reducing your risk and never allow yourself to take a big loss.”

If you want to stay in the stock market game, then you should work on making a consistent profit and reducing our risk. When the market is near its crucial support or resistance levels, there are high chances of stop-loss getting hit. A smart trader waits for the right entry when a confirmed trend is formed. If you take the right entry at the right time on such crucial levels, there is a high chance of making good profits. One has to understand the risk to reward ratio and always try to find out high probability trades.

What we have learned at Pathfinders Trainings, you can see the results of that learning by looking at the profits made by professional traders. Every trade is good, even you make less profit. But working on not making big losses in the market should be our priority. If we have the capital to play in the market, our small loss can be turned into small profit and with consistency, into big profit.

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