Are you one of those who is thinking of day trading as a living? Then you should probably look at this article which summarizes the points to be kept in mind before taking up day trading as the only means of earning your livelihood.

With the technological advancements, absence of much hassles and having the freedom to be your own boss, many people are getting attracted towards day trading for a living. Day trading provides a person the opportunity to earn money every day, unlike having a job with a monthly salary or investing some money in long term securities. Just the availability of a personal computer or laptop, along with the internet connection can help you gain profit by trading in stocks and commodities. However, this is not as easy as it seems to be. There are many factors to be kept in mind while you are investing and risking your capital in day trading, to earn the expected rewards. The risks and rewards get larger when you are choosing only day trading as a means for living, without any other steady source of income, as it comes with many uncertainties and surprises each day. Following are a few highlights in this regard. 

Can you make a living by Day trading?

Is it possible to make a living using the day trading? The answer is yes, you can make a living by simply day trading. Not only a living, but the trader can build and maximize his wealth also. It is perfectly possible not to be doing a full-time corporate job or any other occupation and just do the trading. However, it is not as easy as it sounds, there is an uncertainty of time and money both. It is possible initially in the business that you do not gain anything against your capital.

Options for Day trading

Day trading is carried out through many different instruments. And your success in day trading depends on your fundamental research and your understanding of the performances of the market security you have chosen to trade it. They are Stocks, Options, Commodities, Futures, Penny stocks, Gold and many more. The volatility of the selected instrument, its success in the market and many other factors determine how you are in day trading, along with the required knowledge. 

Pros and Cons of Day trading

Day trading provides numerous benefits to the traders once they are full time doing it and almost completely understand the market mechanism. 

  • You do not need to set up much to start your own day trading business, just a laptop or a personal computer, along with an internet connection is enough.
  • You do not have to travel anywhere to do this business, you can do it from the comfort of your own home desk.
  • The earnings are not fixed to an amount at each month end. If you understand the business then you can maximize the earnings by leaps and bounds.

Above and beyond the mentioned pros for day trading, there are a few challenges it gives to the traders, just like any other business.

  • The rewards in this industry are uncertain. There is no fixed amount received at the month end, there can be more profits or more losses every month. So it puts a risk on your lifestyle, it can either make you wealthy or can hamper your living.
  • You are mostly by yourself while trading, there are no seniors or peers to help you through the process once you are on your own in the field. 
  • Day trading is a continuous learning process and there is no end to this education. Even though you have experience, there are newer surprises and risks faced each day.

Bottom line

You can opt for day trading to make a living, but at your own risk. There are many challenges to be faced and many things to be lost and learnt, but the end can be fruitful. 


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