BEST TRADES OF THE WEEK (MAY 11, 2020 – MAY 15, 2020)

May 11, 2020Profit of Rs. 54,262
May 12, 2020Profit of Rs. 83,285
May 13, 2020Profit of Rs. 101,847
May 14, 2020Profit of Rs. 48,407
May 15, 2020Profit of Rs. 22,622

Indian markets witnessed a volatile week falling over a percent with the resurgence of trade tensions between the US and China, rising cases of COVID-19 and an uninspiring Rs 20 lakh crore stimulus package. Even though the market was highly volatile, our traders booked profits this week as well. One of our traders made a profit of Rs. 101,847 on May 13, 2020 highest of all other days in a week. 

Whenever there is higher volatility in the market, there is a strong chance of unpredicted market movements and stop-loss hitting. To tackle the high volatile market, one should work with proper strategy, otherwise, there is losing money on both sides. The one having the right mentor can make profits even in bad market times. In our case, all these profits were made under the guidance of Mr. Yogeshwar sir who taught us how to trade and manage risk properly. If you can manage your risk and identify the right entry and exit points, you can end your week in profits.

If you are not s professional trader, better is to watch the market, and not take any position. Not taking any position and saving money is also a position in the market which helps to keep you in the market for a longer period.

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