Welcome to Pathfinders Trainings. I am Yogeshwar Vashishtha.

The Finance Minister is likely to announce a fiscal package today and, on that hope, the market has rallied up. Yesterday, there was a big crash in the market and I booked a loss of Rs. 20,000 in stocks and Rs. 5,500 in F&O after 15 days of continuous profits. Despite all the list management methods, there will a day when you will not be able to handle it and have to book a loss. But today using the Advanced Options strategies, I recovered all of that and so far, I have booked a profit of Rs. 49000 in options and Rs. 992 in stocks. In live trading either intraday or swing, you always have to keep in mind that you can go completely wrong and have to protect yourself either by using stock losses or by using options or by using multiple strategies that are available.

Let’s analyze the market. You see, the market is just not going up and with the curfew in the whole country and coronavirus cases are increasing all over the world. There is a panic situation and this is just a temporary recovery that has happened and the market might resume its levels back at the end.

Let’s look at the various levels of the market. In a panic situation like this, a 50% retracement is a common phenomenon and we see, it is already broken the 38 percent

retracement level and moving towards the 50 percent level which is 7273. Since the situation has not yet improved, it is just a temporary upside despite that is happening. So, we should keep that level in mind.  Factories all over the world are closed, production is not happening, people are

sitting at home, and economic activity is hampered. This coronavirus not only has a health implication, but it also has money implications. That is something that you have to keep in

mind. The market is about 311 points plus today. Bank nifty is behaving similarly as Nifty and this one is weaker than the nifty index. If you look at the VIX (Volatility Index), the

volatility index is touching 80 which is unheard of it and never happened before. I strongly

advise you to learn the market properly. you know replacement on the upsides become good opportunities to short the market/ Make sure if you have a big portfolio. it is hedged properly and

don’t buy stocks on there unless you have done a proper fundamental analysis.

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