Best Trades of the Week

09 March 2020Profit of Rs. 125,152
10 March 2020No Trade
11 March 2020Profit of Rs. 26,550
12 March 2020Profit of Rs. 733,473
13 March 2020Profit of Rs. 835,314

It was a surprise Friday for the market on March 13 as Sensex and Nifty hit a lower circuit for the first time since the 2008 financial crisis, which dragged 1,330 stocks to a 52-week low intraday. However, recovery from late morning helped the benchmark indices recovered 16 percent from day’s low to close sharply higher. The BSE Sensex climbed 1,325.34 points, or 4.04 percent, to close at 34,103.48. The Nifty50 jumped 365.05 points or 3.81 percent to 9,955.20, after hitting multi-year lows of 29,388.97 and 8,555.15, respectively. However, indices lost over 9 percent in the week. Even though the market was highly volatile, our traders abled to book profits in this week as well. One of our traders made a profit of Rs. 835,314 on 13 March 2020. 

All these profits are booked under the guidance of Mr. Yogeshwar sir, who taught traders how to find high probability trades and how to manage trade while having a position in it.

He always says, “Never allow your small loss to become a big loss.”

Yogeshwar sir teaches psychological fundamentals of the market in the live trading room and any of the training programs.  You can see the results of such learning by looking at the profits made by our professional traders. Every trade is right, even you make less profit. Consistent effort towards “not making big losses” in the market should be our priority. If we have the capital to play in the market, our small loss can be turned into a small profit and, with consistency, into a big one.

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