02 March 2020Profit of Rs. 49,440
03 March 2020Profit of Rs. 88,537
04 March 2020Profit of Rs. 115,654
05 March 2020Profit of Rs. 109,440
06 March 2020No Trade

Indian markets witnessed a massive selloff which pushed the benchmark indices below crucial support levels. The S&P BSE Sensex broke below 38,000 while the Nifty50 closed below 11,000 levels. The big carnage, however, was seen was seen in the small and mid-cap space. Even though the market was highly volatile, our traders abled to book profits in this week as well. One of our traders made a profit of Rs. 115,654 on 05 March 2020. 

All these profits were made under the guidance of Mr. Yogeshwar sir who taught us how to trade and manage risk properly. If you can manage your risk and identify the right entry and exit points, you can end your week in profits.

Whenever there is high volatility in the market, then there is a great chance of stop-loss getting hit. There is also an equal opportunity to make a big profit than the expected one in this market only. Such opportunities do not come every day and when it comes, we have to be prepared for the outcome. Give a chance to yourself at least once in a month and see the difference in risk to reward ratio. But make sure, you are trading with proper risk management, else you will blow your entire capital.

If you are a safe trader, better is to watch the market, and not take any position. Not taking any position and saving money is also a position in the market which helps to keep you in the market for a longer period of time.

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