Benchmark Indices might have hit fresh highs, but the real action was seen in small and mid-caps. This week was very volatile and major index gave sharp moves on both sides. But our traders able to make some profits in this volatile week. Major profit came on Thursday, 16 Jan 2020, (weekly expiry day). One of our traders made a profit of Rs. 1,26,956.

13 Jan 2020Profit of Rs. 34,706
14 Jan 2020Profit of Rs. 122,550
15 Jan 2020Profit of Rs. 53,000
16 Jan 2020Profit of Rs. 1,26,956
17 Jan 2020Profit of Rs. 45,801

Making a consistent profit should be the key parameter if you are trading or investment. No doubt, you can make a big profit one day but being in profit is a challenge.  If you are able to make small profits consistently, it is even better than making a big profit. As the figure for a big profit is huge, there is a great chance of losing money and making big losses. This kind of trading can only be done under the guidance of professionals as in our case is Mr. Yogeshwar Vashishtha. All these profits are made under the guidance of Yogeshwar sir who trained many people and is trading for many years.

If you have learned stock market technical and fundamentals properly, then you should only work on making consistent profit. Don’t try to chase people who are making big profits. If you are able to make small profits, slowly and steadily, you can also be making such big profits one day. The key to success here is, never allow yourself or prepare yourself for a big loss. Always work on reducing risk and making consistent profits.

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