Best Trades of the Week (30 December 2019 – 03 January 2020)

Every day is different and comes with new challenges. Stock Market trading is not different at all. Every day, we see the different market trends, momentum and identify different stocks to trade. Finding high probability trades and managing risk helps to provide a good risk to reward ratio and in turn good profits. You can see such profits booked by our professional traders.

30 Dec 2019Profit of Rs. 27,738
31 Dec 2019Profit of Rs. 18,105
01 Jan 2020Profit of Rs. 16,252
02 Jan 2020Profit of Rs. 29,190
03 Jan 2020Profit of Rs. 33,555

 Although the volume in the market was low, our traders able to find high probability trades and rewarded with good profits. One such profit of Rs. Rs. 33,555 was made by one of our traders who traded in SBIN and Titan futures. All these profits were booked under the guidance of Mr. Yogeshwar sir, who taught traders how to find high probability trades and how to manage trade while having a position in it.

He always says,  “ Never allow your small loss to become a big loss.”

Yogeshwar sir always try to teach this psychological fundamental of the market every day in the live trading room as well as in any of the training programs.  What we have learned at Pathfinders Trainings, you can see the results of that learning by looking at the profits made by professional traders.

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