Best Trades of the Week (16 Dec 2019 – 20 Dec 2019)

16 Dec 2019Profit of Rs. 19,875
17 Dec 2019Profit of Rs. 58,714
18 Dec 2019Profit of Rs. 85,447
19 Dec 2019Profit of Rs. 94,219
20 Dec 2019Profit of Rs. 13,256

What we have learned at Pathfinders Trainings, you can see the results of that learning by looking at the profits made by professional traders. Every day is different and you may lose money someday, but the stock market is not about making a profit one day and losing money the other day. It is all about risk management. Working with proper risk management helps you to achieve your monthly target of making a return on capital invested in the stock market. This week, a profit of Rs. 94,219 was booked by one of our professional traders who traded in the derivative segment mainly Banknifty options using advanced options strategies.

Every trade is good, even you make less profit. But working on not making big losses in the market should be our priority. If we have the capital to play in the market, our small lose can be turned into small profit and with consistency, into big profit.

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