Best Trades of the Week

09 Dec 2019Profit of Rs. 42,932
10 Dec 2019 Profit of Rs. 30,912
11 Dec 2019 Profit of Rs. 149,476
12 Dec 2019 Profit of Rs. 124,350

Looking at the profit of 11 Dec 2019, you might think, “I cannot make this kind of profits”. But frankly speaking, all can make such profits or even better than this one. The key factor for this success is the proper money and risk management. You should know how to manage your trades when you are getting profit, and how to reduce risk when the trades are not in favor. At Pathfinders Trainings, we learn to trade with these key parameters and able to achieve such nice profits every week.

One of our professional traders who worked in banknifty options under the guidance of Yogeshwar sir using advanced options strategies able to make a profit of Rs. 149,476.

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