Trading is an art that is perfected over time. It requires perseverance and practice. A good trader evolves with experience and expertise earns the title of a ‘professional trader” and “expert”.

To reach this stage, a trader passes through many ups and downs, wins and defeats. He makes many mistakes along the way. But what sets him apart and paves his way to success is the ability to accept and learn from his mistakes. Each mistake becomes a stepping stone to his next victory.

A good trader has a clear vision of what he wishes to achieve. He goes about planning his battle and then executes it to perfection. He is never vague about his objective and his thought process is crystal clear.

Every successful trader always has a role model to follow. Some follow legendary traders and look up to them for guidance and inspiration, others depend on mentors who help and advise them from time to time.

A successful trader always has a plan and cultivates this habit of never executing a single trade without sufficient planning. An in-built mechanism prevents them from blindly jumping into a trade just because it looks attractive. He manages his time and money well and divides his goals based on the time horizon and capital distribution.

Trading is hard work and a successful trader knows this just too well.  He is not in this business for the thrill of it and works tirelessly towards achieving his goal. Failures do not dishearten him and success does not make him euphoric. His perseverance and hard work eventually lead him to great heights.

Another important characteristic of a successful trader is the quality of patience. He realizes that the seeds he sows today will bear fruit in the time to come and is willing to wait and see his plan through.

Learning the game is extremely important and the successful trader recognizes this at the very onset. He leaves no stone unturned to gather as much knowledge as required for him to become a skillful and professional trader.

Trading requires one to be self-assured and confident. A skillful trader has no place for letting his emotions affect the trade. Fear never stops him and greed never leads him on. He knows exactly what he wants and how to get it. 

A successful trader is an extremely positive person and has an optimistic approach. Negativity can never come near him and any negative thought is dismissed.

A trader is either born with the above traits and is a natural or he cultivates them over time. But without possessing the above qualities a trader would never become completely successful or see the pinnacle of holistic trading.

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